Pat with the pretty pink hair

IMG_6409This is Pat, age 77, with the pretty pink hair.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Trader Joe’s this morning. At 70, she decided to add bit of flair to her hair and why not pink, since it is her favorite color. And as she said it goes with everything in her wardrobe!

She loves her hair! Her friends and family love her hair and after 7 years her pink hair is here to stay.  Pat says men & women, young and old, stop her everywhere (markets, airports, stores) to compliment her on her hair & style.  Young people constantly ask how she does it, no bleach involved, gray hair loves pink!

Pat with the pretty pink hair, Pro-Ager of the day!

My Inspiration

As I age, I realize that the media is trying to convince us that we shouldn’t embrace getting older instead we should hold onto our youth.  I don’t know about you but I am inspired on a daily basis by Pro-Agers. So with the in mind, I am starting this blog to Celebrate The Gray!  I don’t know where this journey will lead me but I do know that I want to embrace my age and meet women who inspire me!



First blog post

So here’s the lady that started it all…

Lenore Hussey, my grandmother.  I grew up in Napa down the road from my grandparents so we spent a lot of time with them, lots of swimming, dinners, horseback riding!  I remember anxiously awaiting her arrival at our house, mostly because I was excited to see what outfit she would be wearing.  Long before Outfits of the Day (ootd), my grandmother spent time and effort pulling together the perfect look appropriate for occasion.  She was my early style icon and my mother and daughter are my later in life inspiration.

My mom is a spectacular Pro-Ager, at 85 she looks like she is 65 and spends time gardening, mahjonging and investing time and energy in her friends and family.  She has recently accepted some styling advice from me and is now rocking new color, prints and patterns in her wardrobe.

My mother-in-law is 73 and knows about trends before I do!  She is current and embraces color and trend, I can always count on her to cutting edge when it comes to her style.  She is a true Pro-Ager.

These women made me realize that you are NEVER too old to wear color and that everyone no matter what age is vital and important to the fabric of our society.

Here’s to the journey of finding and celebrating Pro-Agers!!