Rachael, 87 and her embroidered jeans


Rachael, age 87

This is how you rock an embroidered jean at 87.  I met Rachael at the Sweetwater Music Hall, during Daphne’s recent Rock of Ages concert. Rachael was sitting in front of me and I noticed her modern wedge bob cut haircut.  At intermission I made my way over to meet the woman with the wedge bob haircut. She had a sense of style that impressed me, especially when I found out she was 87!  As Rachael proves, you are never too old to rock an embroidered jean and wedge bob!


Tennis Anyone? Christa, age 74

When I walked into Peet’s to meet Christa, I was immediately struck by her sparkling blue eyes, her amazing sense of style and the warmth and happiness that radiated from her.

At 74, Christa has the vitality of someone years younger and still retains her beautiful Austrian accent. She left her family home at 21 with a short stay in Geneva before coming permanently to the United States. Christa ended up in Albany staying briefly with a distant relative. When she first arrived, Christa ran around (literally until her shoes were holey) looking for a job, ending up with a couple of short-term jobs until landing permanently at the Goethe Institute.

Christa speaks four languages, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish, has been married for 46 years and has one son. Christa has always been an athlete, skiing in her youth and now playing tennis, two hours everyday. She plays singles and competes against women half her age!  On a recent tennis tournament weekend in Sacramento, the management of the hotel where the team was staying called the room to ask the ladies to quiet it down – they were watching the Warriors!

Christa has never dyed her hair and still fits into clothes from 30 years ago – LUCKY! When she does shop, it’s usually at consignment shops for better quality and value.  When I met Christa at 10am, she had already played tennis, and had shopping and lunch with a friend still on her agenda for the day.

The key to staying young, says Christa is being around people of all ages!

Rocker Daphne, age 95


Meet Daphne Campbell, at 95 she is a rock star, baseball statistician, Purlette and most of all Pro-Ager extraordinaire.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Daphne about fashion, baseball, knitting, Rock of Ages and staying forever young!

Daphne is a petite, spry woman who loves to dress in color with a bit of fun added in, notice the Frida socks in the pics!  She was married twice, worked and lived in many places: Cairo, Denver, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sacramento, Oregon and finally settled in Larkspur after her second husband past away in 1999. At that point, she put her name on the waiting list at The Redwoods, waited 5 years and finally moved in 17 years ago.

Daphne is a doer! When she moved into The Redwoods, the window sills by her apartment were in disrepair so she took it upon herself to refinish all them by her room. The problem, then the rest of the windows looked shabby so Daphne ended up refinishing 154 window sills. This is one of many projects that Daphne has taken on at The Redwoods.

Before moving in The Redwoods, Daphne was a lookout ranger on Mt. Tam. At 75, she would hike up to the look out station once a week covering for the full time ranger who would have the day off. Being the only woman, this volunteer post only lasted a year but boy was it fun while it lasted.

Daphne has many activities that keep her busy these days, The Rock of Ages singing group (video below) practices once a week for two hours. All the singers live at The Redwoods ranging in age 70-95 (Daphne being the oldest). They do 33 concerts a year and have over 93 songs in their repertoire. Rock the Ages’ repertoire covers hit songs from the 1960s to present including The Beatles, James Brown, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, Jason Mraz, Pharell and more.  

Daphne is a member of the Purrlettes + 1 for Sarah Oliver bags.  The Purlettes + 1 are the backbone of Sarah Oliver handbags. They are the coolest, most inspiring group of men and women – average age 88. The founding group nicknamed themselves The Purlettes +1, so named for their “knit one, purl two” expertise, as well as the pearls of wisdom they impart. The + 1 represents the sole male knitter.

Baseball is a huge part of Daphne’s life, you might say she’s a fanatic!  She keeps stat’s for ALL the baseball teams and has for many years.  She inspired her friends and family to follow her lead and many have become great statisticians. She watches and listens to many games a week, as you might have guessed.

Easy to see why Daphne inspires so many to stay forever young. Her niece recently told Daphne, “Auntie, I want to be just like you when I grow up!” – her niece is almost 70!!


Vanessa Redgrave – Gucci model at 79

Vanessa Redgrave landed her first role in 1957, and has appeared in more than 70 films, won an Oscar, Tony, Bafta Golden Globe, and SAG award, and was described as the “greatest actres2035460-vanessa_redgrave_chelsea-xlarge_trans++5weXAMl1JcH_OBP4AEGSMU-z3ifHVp3rruxPNah8t4Es of our time” by Tennessee Williams. She is the  perfect person to wear Gucci’s very British collection not only because she is a national treasure, but because she also has her own history with the fashion house. In the 1966 film Blow-Up her character Jane carries a small Gucci handbag with a bamboo top handle – a style which was later revived by Frida Giannini, the former creative director at Gucci.

The 79-year-old actress is currently shooting her first campaign with Alessandro Michele at Chatsworth House, the grand sixteenth century home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in Derbyshire. Redgrave has taken over Gucci’s Snapchat channels and posted behind-the-scenes images from the set, including one image of her standing at the top of the extravagant staircase wearing an embroidered red tartan coat, with her hair pulled back into an elegant low bun.



Judi Dench – Summer Style

At 82, Pro-Ager Dame Judi Dench, continues to act and inspire women on many levels.  In this look, she pairs pastels with white linen for the perfect easy breezy summer look.

Dame Judi Dench made her stage debut in Hamlet in 1957. After building a following for her theater, film and TV roles, she gained international recognition in the 1990s as a character in the James Bond franchise. Dench won an imagesAcademy Award in 1999 for her role in Shakespeare in Love, and earned additional nominations for her work in such films as Chocolat and Philomena.

Judi Dench married actor Michael Williams in 1971. The couple worked several times together, including in the British television series, A Fine Romance, and the 1999 film Tea with Mussolini. The two remained together until Michael’s death from cancer in 2001. Dench and Williams had one child together, the actress Finty Williams.

Despite being diagnosed with macular degeneration and undergoing knee surgery in recent years, Dame Judi continues to devote herself to her craft and draw rave reviews as one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation.

H&M celebrates Pro-Ager!

H&M has unveiled its newest swimsuit model, 60-year-old Gillean McLeod, who only began her modelling career seven years ago at age 53.

“Modeling was nerve-racking at first,” she told H&M magazine, “But I gained more and more confidence, and the last year I’ve had a couple of really great campaigns.” hm_1


McLeod originally worked as a stylist and only started modelling when one of the photographers she was working with suggested it after the original model left.

“I can’t tell you how much modeling changed my life — I am just so much more confident in myself,” she said. “I’ve always been in pretty good shape, but I make more of an effort now. I sort of take pride in not doing Botox or any of that face stuff. That look just seems so forced and strange to me. I am happy with the way I am.”

McLeod has modeled for Uniqlo and Bank of America and also appeared in 2014 in a Super Bowl ad directed by Errol Morris.

Pro-Ager – new face for Desigual

Alicia Borras, 70

Pro-Ager model, Alicia Borras, 70 years old, is the face of the 2016 Spring/Summer ad campaign for Desigual denimure model. Alicia is youthful, active, sporty and beautiful. And she has plenty of rhythm. 

Borrás was born in Menorca and her father, a tailor by profession, was the person responsible for her ending up, aged 18, as one of the three permanent models at Manuel Pertegaz. Permanent meant eight-hour days during which each dress was put together on her body. That’s why, according to Borrás, she had the most fun on the catwalk when she was finally able to show off, and with a much curvier look than today’s models, the garments she’d seen come to life.  Senior Style Bible


Iris Apfel – one of kind!

gallery-1439832709-hbz-irisapfel03At 94, “geriatric starlet” Iris Apfel has her priorities straight. According to Apfel, great personal style is about knowing yourself, staying curious, and maintaining a sense of humor. Her career as an interior designer and textile maker has taken her to far corners of the world: to obscure Tunisian bazaars in pursuit of rare antique fabrics, or to Washington D.C. to spearhead a White House restoration project for the Kennedys. In 2005, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcased her explosive, exuberant personal collection of accessories, fabrics and garments. Iris, a documentary about her life, is available on dvd. When it comes to expressing your individuality through fashion, there is no authority more seasoned than Iris Apfel.

Marnie Kline, Harper’s Bazaar 2015