Pro-Ager Pat, 84, spotted at Anthropologie!

I recently met Pat, 84 at Anthropologie.  As I was leaving the store, I noticed Pat checking out and told her how great she looked, notice the fun print and pattern mixing she is doing here.  I left but had to go back and get a pic of Pat and talk fashion and aging with her. . Our conversation confirmed two things, have fun with your fashion and no matter what your age you can look fantastic. She is a true pro-ager who inspired me!


Fordham Professor turned model and Accidental Icon at 63!


When Fordham University professor Lyn Slater went to meet a friend for lunch outside the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, she had no idea her life was about to be forever changed. Foreign journalists suddenly surrounded her, mistaking her for a fashion icon and attracting a crowd of spectators. It was a defining moment that turned Lyn into an Accidental Icon – and made her blog of the same name shoot to the skies.

At 63 years old, Lyn Slater is not exactly a typical haute couture model, but that’s part of her appeal. She decries age-based discrimination in both the fashion industry and in everyday life, including the tired notion of ‘dressing for one’s age.’ “I think, if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it, you’re going to look completely fine,” Slater told Refinery29 in a 2016 interview. She is currently signed to Elite London, the world’s leading modeling company, and has worked with brands such as Mango and Uniqlo.

Lyn is admirable not only for her unstoppable attitude, but for her edgy and decidedly hip style, and her Instagram page now boasts over 132 thousand followers. A happy accident, indeed!


More info: Accidental IconInstagram (h/t: DYT | Bright Side)

Toni, 69, business owner, author and mentor

15439988_10155169379713912_473942369428330891_nI met Toni this summer through a mutual friend and we instantly took to one another.  She inspires me through her business savvy, networking ideas and constant desire to learn and do more in life.

Toni was born with the organizing gene: she can’t help herself. She was continually asked by friends and family to help make order in closets, organize a kitchen or set up filing systems. Since 1992, when she started her business Clearly Organized (, Toni has helped her clients simplify their offices, homes and lives by smart organizing techniques and building efficient closets and garage storage systems. In addition to running her business, Toni has written two books, Manage Your Time the Lazy Way and Organize Your Stuff The Lazy Way.

Toni always looks amazing and developed a love of fashion at an early age. One of her first favorite outfits was a white linen dress with black polka dots layered under an orange duster, bought not by her mother but her stylish father!  Both her parents helped develop Toni’s great sense of style which is evident today. She always adds a pop of color to her standard uniform of pants, white or colored shirt and long cardigan.  J. Jill, Macy’s brand Alfani, Eileen Fisher and Ralph Lauren are “go to” brands fIMG_1388or Toni. She especially admires designer Victoria Beckham and her understanding of a women’s body.

Toni says the hardest thing about aging is running out of steam sooner than she used to, but the opportunity to teach and mentor younger people starting their own business is inspiring and gratifying.

I am to lucky to have her in my life as a friend and mentor!


At 78, Marlo Thomas launches fashion line for pro-agers!


That Girl becomes That Woman!  Marlo Thomas has added another notch to her belt: fashion designer.

The actress, author and activist has developed a ready-to-wear and accessories collection for HSN Inc. called “That Woman” by Marlo Thomas. The label is a play on “That Girl,” the classic TV series that ran from 1966 to 1971 in which Thomas starred and served as executive producer. In the show, she played Ann Marie, an aspiring but sporadically employed actress who moves from Brewster, N.Y., to New York to pursue her dream.

The 78-year-old actress explained what prompted her to get into the apparel business, “sometimes when I’m out shopping, I look at things that have bare midriffs, and I think, ‘Is anybody thinking about me?’” she said. She likes things that are very simple, sophisticated, “a little bit flirty, but do I dare use the word, ladylike? That’s what my wardrobe looks like, kind of always has. I’ve never been a girl for big flowers, but I do love graphics.”

She explained that “That Girl” was almost like a fashion show. “I had been in London the year before doing ‘Barefoot in the Park,’” she explained. “It was the mid-Sixties. There was Mary Quant, and Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy and white boots and fishnet stockings and all kind of graphics, miniskirts and maxi skirts and a whole look that had never been on television.”

On television at that time women were mostly wearing house dresses and Peter Pan collars, she said. “So when we came on, I said I want to wear these kind of [fashionable] clothes. My co-producers were kind of scared of it, and they said it’s going to date it. I said, ‘Everything’s dated.’ If you’re living in your own time, it’s going to be dated.” But, Thomas said, it really wasn’t dated because it was so classic.

Thomas has been asked to do fashion lines before and people wanted a “That Girl” line or had other ideas, but she always turned them down. “I never wanted to do it. You have to have a reason to do something. For me, it needs to be an organic reason. The organic reason now is I need these kinds of clothes. I bet there are millions of women who also need them.”

The “That Woman” line is composed of dresses, tops, pants, skirts, dusters, jewelry and bags. Prices for the 15-piece collection range from $39.90 for a heart choker to $79.90 for a lace-up sweater to $169.90 for a perforated moto jacket. The size range is XS to 3X.

Thomas has a “very engaged fan base” that HSN feels will cross over to the shopping channel via her ready-to-wear collection. “Marlo’s enthusiasm for her brand is authentic and is sure to resonate with women everywhere,” she said.

“Those of us who were ‘That Girl’ are ‘That Woman’ now,” she said. “We bring with us all the joy of being girls. It’s hard for me to think of myself in any stage of my life…that I’m kind of pretty much the one I was 10 years ago. I have the same moral code, I have the same sort of excitement over the same kind of things,” she said. She said she’s learned more through the years and has had things happen to her, such as her parents dying and getting married. “I pretty much think that I bring with me the same optimistic view of life, a Scarlett O’Hara view that I’ll cry tomorrow.”

Her philosophy for her apparel collection is equally upbeat. “I think women will see that these clothes were designed and brought by a woman who wants other women to have a good time,” said Thomas. “And life isn’t over at 40, or 45 or 50, or any age. You can still feel desirable and confident. I feel good when I look good. If I get in the elevator, and I think I look terrible, it’s hard for me to go all the way to lobby. I want to go back up and try one other thing. My husband says my dressing room looks like a chorus line of girls got dressed there.”

Thomas loves clothes and wears designers such as Michael Kors. She’ll shop downtown at stores such as Jeffrey or in SoHo and will pick a piece here and a piece there. “I really don’t want to outfit myself the way somebody else thought of it. I like putting little pieces together. Which is what I did in this line. Mostly what I like to do is show a little skin everywhere. A little keyhole, or a little lace-up or something without being low décolletage. Something that makes you feel like a female,” she said.

“Not everybody wants to show off every body part, but a shoulder, a v-neck. We have a cold-shoulder sweater that’s adorable. We had it made so the straps are wide enough that you can keep your bra on. I hate when you have to wear a strapless bra with a sweater and you see a big dent. I’m thinking of all the things that bug me about clothes,” said Thomas.

WWD, By Lisa Lockwood on November 17, 2016





#BridgeTogether – We are stronger together.

I was fortunate today to attend the Bridge Together event on the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with thousands of other diverse women, men and children, we formed a human chain across the entire Golden Gate Bridge. We stood together in unity and love as a shining beacon of inclusiveness and democracy to prove that we are stronger together, that love trumps hate. We stood together, hand-in-hand and dressed in purple as a sign of unity and anti-bullying.

I met some amazing pro-ager women today, many of who have been active participants in civic rallies since the Vietnam war and others who attended their first rally today (me!).    It felt amazing to be part of a statement of peace, love and hope and support for all.


New Face at Athleta and she’s 98!

The tide is turning and Athleta is catching a wave by putting 98 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch on the cover of their recent catalog.


Feeling young and being healthy is everything, and Tao Porchon-Lynch teaches people on the entire planet the wonderful world of yoga. Before teaching yoga, Tao had a long and varied career. Tao was  an actress in England, France and the USA (under contract to MGM) in the 1940’s and 50’s, wrote screenplays and made documentaries in the 60’s and 70’s. Her life in India encompasses many historic events. There aren’t many people still alive who witnessed first-hand some of the events Tao has.

She made several documentaries in India including,”To Light A Candle,” about  100 year- old philanthropist, Dr. Welthy Fisher and her work in education and literacy in Lucknow. Tao also worked for Unitel and helped in their efforts to try to introduce television to India in the 1950’s.

Tao teaches discipline and control of the body and mind through Yoga. As she elevates and balances her body in classic poses, she demonstrates how to tap into the primal spark of energy that all of us receive from the universe. Whatever our religious beliefs, the spark makes us one with our fellow human beings and all forms of life on our planet.

Tao is a living advertisement for how to tap into our human potential. She is unique in her ability to overcome the effects of aging to control her body and mind in harmony with Yoga’s principles. Tao’s philosophy is “there is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.” Her current passion, in addition to yoga, is ballroom dancing and she is an award winning world-class dancer.

At a youthful 98, Tao brings a delightful, childlike love of life and nature to all that she does.