Free 30 minute Consultation

Style Consultation – 2 hours – Are you confused about how to dress your body. Do you focus on the things you don’t like about your body and can’t see what is beautiful about your shape. Learn how to dress your body to play up your assets and play down your body challenges. During this session we’ll measure you and determine your shape (hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle, triangle) and use visuals to understand your style (preppy, boho, chic, artsy, vintage, sexy, casual, sophisticated, tomboy, rocker). You will learn what silhouettes work for your shape and style. $199

Closet Audit – 3 hours – Do you feel overwhelmed when your open your closet? Do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Are you confused what style of jean flatters your figure? Gain a fresh perspective with a Closet Audit with this session of purging, re-purposing, and strategically selecting which pieces deserve a home inside your closet. By the end of this session, you will have an organized closet that has pieces that work for your shape and reflect your style. Also included, I will develop a shopping list of items missing from your wardrobe. $299

Personal Shopping – up to 4 hours – Do you find walking into a department store overwhelming and stressful? Do you end up walking out of stores with items that you either up returning or not wearing. Do you want to bring life back into your wardrobe with pieces that work for your shape, style, lifestyle and budget. This session is best in conjunction with a Closet Audit session so we have a developed shopping list. This shopping session with fill the wholes in your wardrobe and give you pieces that will help expand your wardrobe. This session includes an online shop for any items not found in the stores. $50 per hour

Closet Shop – 3 hours – This session is a great add on to your Closet Audit and Personal Shopping sessions. After you have cleared out your closet and filled in the fashion holes from a personal shopping trip, now let me help your put together outfits. I will show you how to style some of your favorite pieces in more than way and learn how to dress up or down your favorite pieces. I’m here to create more mileage in your wardrobe. We’ll spend this session building a visual library of outfits that fit your shape and style.$299

Let’s Do This Package – Do you feel confused about your shape and style, can’t stand looking in your closet, get overwhelmed thinking about shopping and finally can’t seem to put a modern outfit together? This package is for you and we’ll get you updated, confident and comfortable with your shape, style and wardrobe. This includes all the above sessions and includes me as a resource via email or text to ask questions, show me outfits and help move you forward on your fashion journey. $699

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